With the jangling guitar of The Wedding Present, to the angular rhythm and voice of Blondie there is both innocence and wry wisdom across the debut album of The Hong Kong Dollars. In the tradition of many an indie band their songs are built in the place between the every-day and the day-dream; wistful, occasionally whimsical, with just enough cynical humour to anchor closer to punk than twee.   

Formed around brother and sister Mickey (Dollars, bass and vocals) and Annie Dollars (vocals) The Hong Kong Dollars are the latest incarnation in a lifetime of bands and making music together. From jazz and soul beginnings, and an electronic album, they joined up with Joey (Dollars, guitar and vocals) and Danny (Dollars, drums) to put some punk back into their pop. 

From influences including the Clash, The Buzzcocks, The Pretenders, and Talk Talk through Joan Armatrading, Cole Porter, Mike Muir and Megadeth their sound blends the jangle of indie, the punch of punk, and darker undertones to often lightly delivered vocals.​​​

NEW SINGLE OUT NOW (click image)

NEW SINGLE OUT NOW (click image)

Album out march 27

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